Before you dive in..I want you to ponder this amazing research that has been going on behind our backs on our brains…. (may be a little heavy for a Friday, we shall see)….

We have the ability to rewire our brains….neuroplasticity is a word that keeps popping up in everything was a key piece of the healing process that was offered to me at the Mayo clinic….and has been recently reintroduced to me by my amazing coach….to help my healing process…

This word originally popped up when I was seeking guidance with Lucy…..hoping to regain and rewire some of the time lost in our 1st year together. Now I’ve gotten to experience this process first hand and have seen the benefits for myself.

We used to think (and some of us still do) we are who we are…..and nothing can change that…but more and more studies have shown that we can actually rewire our brains to be different and think differently….

Here is a personal example….I have a martyr that joined me about 6 years ago… that lives with me…inside….she doesn’t have a name but she controls my every move (or she used to). She poisons my brain with negative thoughts and makes me feel like the “poor old me” I am….ha ha ha….

I’ve been working on getting rid of her….to me, she is the biggest pain in my butt and a pivotal piece to my healing process….So…together, with my coach…we are using these amazing techniques to rewire my brain so my martyr goes away and stay away forever..

These techniques are easy to find online but are truly even more impactful when done with a coach to guide you… reach out if you want more…

k, so why am I telling you this…..well…

In the past two weeks I’ve had more people reach out to me that I’d ever imagined – thank you! What I’m seeing is that it’s not just women suffering, but men too, and we are all just trying to survive.

And just because I got sick from my stress and you haven’t, doesn’t mean you should stop reading…The only different between you and me  is that I let myself go too far in the deep end and filled my backpack way too full and maybe you haven’t…yet.

What I also have been seeing is the people who have reached out are the ones, like myself, who are driven to succeed. The ones who are trying to do it all and thinking they are fooling everyone. What I love about these types of people is their passion- their passion to jump on board and dive into anything just to see the results. The only crazy thing is that more often than not, these amazing people aren’t as willing to jump in and put the same effort into themselves. Either they don’t believe they deserve their passion or they figure they don’t have enough time to fulfill their needs. Everything seems to trump …when it comes to taking care of ourselves… I call it the “self factor”.

And…Whoever made up the phrase “work life balance” hasn’t been introduced to a person in our generation. Maybe we’ve conquered the life balance from a family perspective (maybe some have, I know I didn’t), but we definitely haven’t conquered the work, life to include, you, balance. We don’t know how to do it all and if something has to give, its always us.

However as I’ve mentioned before, the more downhill you go, the more likely everyone is to follow.

So challenge yourself to rewire your brain, to rethink your self talk and to put more effort into yourself.


To help put some of that passion back into you…..I’ve got some suggestions that have worked amazingly well for me..these are the small ones – the easier ones ..So pick just ONE and try it….

Take a look at this article on rewiring your brain (below)……there is TONS of stuff out there and techniques available for free (one is included in this article)….take 5 minutes out of your CRAZY busy day and put them into you.

Changing the way you think…An opportunity to rewire your brain…

Give yourself permission to hire a personal coach…everyone needs one…especially if you are trying to do it all….what I’ve learned along the way is that the people who need it the most are usually the most hesitant. In the end though, once they let go, usually, they are also the ones who benefit the most. My coach has taught me the reasons why I’m the most important….and has shown me ways to overcome some of my biggest challenge that I didn’t even know existed….

And last but not least, right now…I want you to try this self reflection exercise...

its very powerful and will allow you to start the process of thinking differently, towards yourself…the person who needs it the most….TODAY….

Your best friend calls you with something that has happened to them and wants your advice….they are frantic or upset with a mistake they made today and reached out to you, because you are the person who always helps them through…….

What do you do when they call?

How do you handle yourself?

How you do handle them?

What do you say to them to help ease their thoughts and feelings?

How do you both feel when you get off the phone?

Now….think about what you do to yourself when something arises for you (made a mistake at work or had a bad day)….

How do you handle yourself? What do you say to yourself? HOw do you feel after all is said and done?

I bet the way you handled yourself is very different than the way you handled your friend….I know mine was….

So today, treat yourself as a friend..give yourself a hug….

you are worthy of it….

and see how a little self compassion can truly go a long way….

See you next time…



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