My healing place..

When I think of this place, I immediately close my eyes and smile at the thought of being there…..the smell, the feel, the people, everything about it makes me warm and fuzzy. I usually go into this space with thoughts and worry, but come out feeling like I’ve been on a trip and enjoyed every minute of it, down to the last second…

I can be present here. I can stop. I can quiet. I can breathe. I can just be me. It’s my healing place. It’s the place that I can’t live without. I go there daily to feel this peace and my addiction is not because I want to go…but because I LOVE to go.

Somedays I need it more than others…but most days I am not truly myself until I’ve entered. And for those of you who know me – you might be thinking….she is overdoing it yet again….but what you don’t know is that my healing room is perfect for someone like me! Each day we feel different and this room allows us to cater to those differences..for in this room, you are taught one important lesson that you must follow to truly heal….do only what your breath and body allow you too…NO More!

This room has taught me to judge less. It has taught me that the minute I judge others, I can no longer be at my best and truly focus on why I came here in the first place – to heal. This room has also taught me to have more self compassion for myself. What I’ve seen is that the more I focus on myself and my true being in this room, the more I am able to be present and experience its true impact. I go to this room to be more in tune with me and come out feeling like a whole new person every time…

I’ve learned so much from this place. I can’t even begin to tell you….The words, the wisdom, the gratitude and the peace all make you feel so blessed to be apart of it and so willing to want more…You walk out of this place feeling like you want to share with all…what its done for you…but you have no idea how to put it into words.

I’ve spent many hours in the room….I’ve cried in this room, I chuckled in this room…and most importantly, I am truly myself in this room. I can be brave, I can try new things…and I can feel like no one is watching….its a room where you ego is left at the door…for if it isn’t, your visit will not heal…

I’ve met many people who also love this healing room…..they are now my friends, for they’ve seen me at my best…and at my worst…and still keep me close as if I am perfect to them….Thank you!

At first I was afraid of them – they’ve been here longer than me, they are so good, they are experts…..but the more I got to know them, the more I realized they come for the same reasons….and they are no different than me…And in this healing process, you need them more than ever, for its their breath and their energy that guide you and truly empower you.

Don’t be scared of this room, it can be intimidating…and very overwhelming…it can take you by surprise and it might even take your breath away….but be brave…and walk in….put your mat down and enjoy the ride….

Don’t think this healing room is a joke either….for this journey is NOT easy….you will work like you’ve never worked before…you will sweat like you’ve never sweat before…you will breath like you’ve never done before… but I guarantee, you will feel like you’ve never felt before….

This place…I promise, will also heal you..if you let it….all you have to do is just show up..

So give yourself permission….its not for everyone…but I’m almost certain, you will find something in it that you love too…

And trust me, I was once a crazy Crossfit, running, HIIT training…..women….but now my healing room is ALL I NEED….

I am not only physically stronger than I’ve ever been but also Healing in a way that I never thought possible…all because of a beautiful room and a beautiful practice they call Yoga….

FInd a studio…try a class….take a friend..don’t be brave….

And don’t say its not for you….it wasn’t for me either…however now, i couldn’t imagine my life without it.

Let me know how it goes….

See you next time…

This post is dedicated to an amazing women, Judy Wood. She was my 1st Yoga teacher and her presence in a room, especially the healing room is why I am, who I am today…thank you for calling it what it is…a healing room and a healing practice…You have found your calling and I feel so blessed to be apart of it…


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