Would you be surprised to know that we take approximately 23,000 breaths per day? 23,000…WOW!

Ponder this thought……We arrive in this world with breath – that moment, when you hear that first cry….and our last breath in usually taken in sadness, when we close our eyes for the last time….at death. With all that said, Why is it that, all the breath in between, is missed, forgotten and left to be so automatic? So assumed!

What kind of world do we live in, that we forget to take a moment, and enjoy this amazing thing we call BREATH. We take it for granted. We ignore it, and most importantly, we forget how valuable it truly is.

Today, take a moment and listen. Breath deep. FEEL it. Our lungs have the ability to be FILLED from top to bottom with beautiful deep breath, but why is it that we only use 20% of their capacity?

Today, take a deep breath. Be thankful for it. And notice how you feel after.

I am back. I’m sorry I left….not sure why, but it was apart of my journey. I’m here now and ready to keep sharing.

Have a good day and see you next time.


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