So here I am, Day 1 of my new job. I’ve been blessed to have been given another chance and I am ready. I’ve never felt more ready.

I am excited, nervous and scared….but this time, totally ready.

AS I sat in my second last weekend of my coaching course I’ve realized I’ve learned a lot over this past year and a half and today I wanted to share.

So here I go….and in no particular order…as there were so many important ones….

1. You can only “do it all” for so long before you tank….
2. Your internal energy can create so much anger and darkness without one’s knowledge and it can project in ways you never thought possible.
3. Awareness is the 1st step to recognizing that you are doing too much…but it takes courage to stop and say enough is enough.
4. Listen to what others around you are saying. They might be trying to catch you before you fall.
5. Stay away from Facebook and your phone. They are a HUGE distraction and often take you away from being present.
6. Connection is HUGE. Be with people you love. Laugh often, do things that make you feel young again.
7. Realize that your children mirror your actions. If you children are crying daily, maybe you are too, on the inside.
8. Exercise and music aren’t optional; they are imperative to living a well-balanced life. SO FIND THE TIME.
9. You are brave, brilliant and smart. But if you don’t believe it yourself (inside and out), it really doesn’t matter.
10. Meditation is scary as HELL and the people who are most resistant, usually need it the most.
11. People who are willing to be brave, vulnerable and courageous are usually the ones who listen to their gut, follow the universe and set boundaries that work for themselves.
12. Family is #1. If you get hit by a car or die today, the people who will care the most are your family and friends. Life moves on without you, your Family NEVER DOES.
13. Be open and willing to listen and learn from others. There is no need to be a “know it all” if others have taken the journey before you.
14. Stop worrying so much. Worrying withers our bodies away and it changes NOTHING but your attitude.
15. Work is work. Work hard, play hard but don’t make it your #1 priority or you will end up living a very sad life.
16. Be open to others perspectives. Everyone thinks differently (including your spouse) and sometimes their opinions are much better than the options we’ve considered.
17. Find a space in your home that is yours. Make it your quiet space and spent 2-5 mins in there daily..
18. Yoga is a one hour vacation that most don’t even know about. Its peaceful, quiet, relaxing and powerful. You learn more about yourself in one hour, than you do in most days. Its worth being curious…..
19. Say “no” more often. It might make you feel super guilt ridden at first, but trust me, its worth it.
20. Stop feeling like you are on a pedestal. You are the same as everyone else and you will NOT beat the odds by killing yourself in your attempt to do it all

Love LOVE LOVE….Love yourself 1st….and spent your days showing love and happiness to others. Its worth your time and effort as the payoff is beyond ever imagined.

And last but not least….and its a big one….FORGIVE often. Don’t be angry with the world or others…the only person it really affect is YOU. LET IT GO…..

I wish you a wonderful day and see you next time….


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