Tomorrow I am 35. Tomorrow, I start, what I believe will be my best year ever.

This quote really stood out to me, when I saw it… and this year, it will be the one I listen to most:

“you cannot seek water from the one who drained your seas, and you cannot build a home from your worth inside of another being. The medicine is when you return to yourself where you will remember your strength reclaim your own rhythm, and write your new song.” Victoria Erickson

As I’ve started back to work, I’ve realized more and more that my job fuels me. It gives me the energy to be the person I want to be and helps me to to use my strength in a way that truly make a difference in the world.

I was recently asked what my superpower was, and after a quick thought, I realized what it was: people. Its my power to bring light to peoples worlds where there was once darkness. Its my ability to connect with people, my ability to make anyone, no matter who or what their personality is, feel comfortable enough to TRUST me, almost from the moment I meet them. My strength is deep within and now that I know – both inside and out – that this is my superpower – using it daily is what makes me a better person on the inside and out.

So, in my 35th year, I am going to use my superpower every day and share it with the world. The world needs more people using their superpowers daily.

I remember Jack Canfield speaking on Super Soul Sundays. He spoke about people cultivating their true strengths and powers and using them in every thing they do. “Imagine if everyone did what they love best, imagine how happy we’d be? The world would be a different place. People would be less stressed and most importantly, HAPPY.

This world isn’t going to give you what you want. If you are waiting for something or someone to come along and give you the opportunity to change or “wow” you, then you are going to learn a HARD lesson – it will never make you truly HAPPY. What will make you happy is turning within, discovering what your true strength are and ensuring that you cultivate them daily in both life and work. This doesn’t mean that every aspect of your work/life has to match your strength, but the majority of your day should follow suit. And if it doesn’t, its time to take a good look at your life.

Life is too short to be STUCK. Life is too short to always be BUSY. Life is too short to WAIT to do something different.

The time is NOW. Stop waiting. The people who are the most happy have taken the time to really discover who they really are, and are now using themselves to their best ability. I remember I used to look around and wonder how some people are happier than others…and now I believe I’ve found the answer. They are Happy, because they are doing what they truly love the most, both on the inside and out.

If you are curious about your true strengths and whether you are using them to the best of your ability, take the time and visit this amazing website and take the strengths test. This was how I started and look where I am now….everything on this website is free and in 15 min or less, you might really think differently about your life.

Have fun, ponder these thoughts and see you next time.

Happy 35th to me. Wow…what a year its been…and I CAN’t WAIT TO SEE WHATS NEXT.


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