The Power of Kids Movies

The Power of Kids Movies

My first post in a LONG LONG TIME. I’ve missed writing. I’ve missed sharing….and lately, I’ve had some true “ah ha” moments that I decided are too important not to share.

The more time I’ve spend learning to be my true authentic self and seeing true happiness, the more I realize so is everyone else. And it turns out – that our current method of attempting to seek happiness isn’t working. We are all trying to go at it full throttle– trying to do it all….and in our attempt to do so, we are struggling to get by.

And to make matters worse, instead of embracing what we have or enjoying the moment, we find ourselves always wanting more – more money, a bigger house, a better career. Turns out – the more research I do on this topic and the more conversations I have about this – the more I realize that the only true way to be happy is to embrace who you are and who your meant to be – whatever that is.

And lately, the more kids movies I get dragged too, the more I realize that we are trying so hard to teach our kids these concepts, however, it we aren’t mirroring them in our everyday lives, they truly are “just movies”.

As I’ve discovered who I truly am (on the inside and outside) – I’ve realized something of true importance:

Attempting to live my life as someone else wasn’t easy. There were always obstacles in the way and I never felt aligned with who I was. Something was always holding me back from true happiness and I just couldn’t pin point what it was.

The huge “ah ha” moment came when I stop trying to be someone else and re-learned how to be myself again. Wow, what a realization. Things starting flowing, moving in the right direction and true happiness was flowing like never before.

We were all given space on this earth for a reason. Why is it that we try to be or live it as someone else? Why are we trying to do it all or push ourselves beyond our limits hoping that someday things will change?

Let me share with you something I’ve noticed lately…these silly Kids movies are spot on. And maybe, instead of trying to be an adult and achieve it all, we should take a moment to sit back with a bowl of popcorn and tune in…..

Trolls and my ultimate favorite (music and theme) Moana are attempting to teach our children and ourselves, as parents,exactly what I mentioned above – life is SO MUCH easier when you follow your heart, be happy with who you are and believe that you are enough.

Look at Poppy in Trolls. She was this little Pink troll who was happy – spreading love, and joy through her song, dance and hugs. The Bergens (of course the bad guys) believed the only way to be happy was to eat a troll and spent their lives seeking Trolls. They wasted their entire lives looking for trolls until one day, the Trolls showed them how to be happy without actually eating them. The whole premises is that happiness is not about having more or faking who you are, its about a feeling – both inside and out and having the vulnerability and courage to make it happen. And if you follow your heart and be true to yourself, you too can have that feeling of true happiness.

And then there is Moana. The most amazing, inspiring, beautiful story of a little girl who was told she was to be the Queen of her island (what an amazing opportunity) but yet constantly struggle as her true calling was being on the water….. Her crazy (intuitive –I want to be her) Grandma helped her to see that following her heart is what would find her true happiness and after listening – she restore the heart of Te Fiti and happiness prevailed. Imagine if she stuck with what she was supposed to do, she would have never discovered her true calling and achieved what she did (you really have to watch to understand).

Two amazing morals to this story above: If you steel someone’s heart (like Maui did to Te Fiti), you will soon realize that taking what you want in your attempt to be happy does nothing but slowly wither you away…however, if you follow your heart, treat it as if it’s a gift and empower it with love, connection, strength and courage – you too can be and have everything you’d ever imagined and more. And not only that, but it will be “enough”.

Wow, powerful. I can’t even begin to share with your what your missing if you don’t watch Moana at least once.

And I can’t imagine that after watching both these movies that you aren’t moved by something….the power of living your life as your true authentic self and/or believing that the universe has a path for all of us, if you just follow it rather then attempt to lead it.

So today, take time to sit with a bowl of popcorn and watch.

Life is too short to be unhappy. Be grateful for what you have, follow your dreams and most importantly – be who you want to be. And if your not feeling this way – reach out. I can help. I’ve been there.

See you next time….