Why NOVA SCOTIA for your FAMIY….

The East Coast of Canada is one of the most beautiful places to live, especially if you are a family.

My family has move TWICE back to Nova Scotia from Toronto and both times settled in very different areas. The first time we needed to be surrounded by like minded people and picked a community in Spryfield that was all NEW parents. Kidston Estate became HOME for three years and the FUN we had will forever be imprinted in my soul. We had New mom groups, parties and our community was exactly what we needed at the time to raise young kids. The houses were close together and our kids took over the streets daily to play activities and be kids. The friends we had, the community “feel” we felt and more importantly, the sense of HOME is what drew us to this neighbourhood the moment we stepped in.

The second time we came back to Halifax (all moves were corporate), we wanted property. We were sick of sitting on top of our neighbours and really wanted a country feel close to amenities so we chose White Hills out in Hammonds Plains. This community is about 15-20 min away from everything, the houses run on wells, and all houses are surrounded by nature and lots of property. There is a neighbourhood bear that visit the hood often and daily you can find pictures of lynx and other amazing animals on the facebook page. Its quite peaceful as you drive in and you feel as if you are literally in the country standing in your backyard. It’s magical and for my family, at that time, it was the perfect place for us to find HOME and PEACE.

Now, after going through a divorce last year – I live at the Bedford Waterfront overlooking Dewolf Park in a beautiful CONDO in Bedford, NS. This incredible, amazing place sits right on the Ocean with walking trails and parks surrounding me. The community is “Older” in nature and yet, the feel of safety and HOME is what I needed to heal after my year of transition and change.

Three different communities, all within 20 minutes of each other, all offering very different lifestyles for your family.

So why? Why would you (and your family) ever move to NOVA SOCTIA??

The number one reason??? The prices of houses and what you get for your money. The dream house you’ve been dreaming about??? Everything you’ve ever wanted in a house is available and you will be blown away by what you get for your money.

The world has shifted after COVID. It no longer about money and things…Now, more that ever connection and family are the most important. It what all of us need to cultivate and more importantly – its what all of us need to thrive.

What else does NOVA SCOTIA offer?

  • PEOPLE who smile and wave at you for NO reason…
  • A slower pace of life – the TIM Hortons drive threw takes longer than in Toronto and yet the conversation and smile you will receive will shift your day.
  • The feeling that we work together as a community (as shown during COVID)
  • Oceans and nature at your fingertips
  • lakefront property close to amenities
  • Small town feel with big city mentality
  • Dream neighbourhoods

Our families deserve for us, as parents to feel our best and moving to the EAST COAST gave us this freedom.

When moving from a different province, you need an Agent that knows the area. You need an Agent that has experienced what you are about to go through. I am that girl. I can guide your family through it all.

If you are ready for change, if you are seeking more family time and a dream home that you never imagined possible, maybe it’s time to take a look at Nova Scotia.

I am the Real Estate agent that bring HEARTS and guides your family to find HOME.

Take a look at what the beautiful province of NOVA SCOTIA has to offer and reach out if your ready to find your DREAM HOME

Nancy Seibel

Golden Realty Team

902 430 4806


Cheers for now.


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