The Power of the 3M’s – Mindfulness, Movement and Marijuana

**Please note, all of my words come from two places – love and faith. These words are my OPINIONs backed by experience and knowledge with a hope to empower you.


When I came back from the MAYO clinic, I was scared as hell..

I knew I wouldn’t make it in this world if I didn’t get my sh** together….

The challenge? I wasn’t prescribed more meds! I was prescribed a prescription that involved ME and my CHOICE as to what to do next….

Two things I was asked to conquer daily – mindfulness and movement.

Regardless of the pain I felt – I was asked to move every single day for 60 minutes and that movement was to be based on how I felt that day…

Regardless of the HUGE resistance to mindfulness, I was also being asked to embrace it with open arms and find time to quiet my overthinking, insanely wonderful brain of mine….

My Mom says looking back – she is amazed at what I’ve done to rewire it all and all I knew at the time, was that I no longer had a choice.

I came home with one intention – to rediscover how to take care of me.

How? By leaning into the 2M’s I was being asked to discover – MIndfulness and Movement….and start them slowly and consistently….

The first few weeks, I did both 1-2 times per week…I celebrated every time…3 mins of meditation and 60 min of HOT Yoga….

Most times, after my exercise, I had no energy to do anything else and spent the rest of the time reading, journaling or watching TV and yet, overtime, it got easier.

It wasn’t the exercise that kept me showing up at Yoga, or the gym or CrossFit, it was this powerful sense of what the world needs more of right now – community.

Whether you walk into Yoga, a gym or a CrossFit box – when you find a tribe that matches your vibe, you want more of it….and that’s what started to happen. I found that every community I met – I learned, I reflected and I grew….and it cultivated this newfound strength within that I wanted more of….

If you knew the power of CrossFit, you’d find a tribe right now too. The world needs more movement and CrossFit gives you an approach beyond anything I’ve ever seen. 

If you’ve ever met a CrossFitter, they are often quite passionate about CrossFit and don’t know how to stop talking about it. If I could, I’d wear a shirt everyday and talk about it non-stop, not because I love the tribe, but because of what’s it done for my body.

A few things you must know about the power behind this incredible workout…

  • CrossFit keeps you moving better daily. It’s all about Functional movements and these are the things we do often – like sitting, standing, lifting, etc. 
  • CrossFits workouts are made for EVERYONE. They are scalable and if you find the right gym, doing CrossFit properly, it will change your life. It’s all about showing up 3-4 times/week to really get the best of what the workout has to offer. 
  • In life, we want to do everything all at once, however CrossFit teaches you about the importance of showing up daily to continuously build strength – little by little, overtime (this concept is called progressive overload).. Building strength overtime with CrossFit has shown to take HUMANS from a place of lack to a place of empowerment with their health. 
  • EGO – you cannot walk into a CrossFit gym with your title in the business world and rock CrossFit. You cannot walk into CrossFit and bring your EGO, or else it will take you out. CrossFit guides you to see your internal power within and let everything else go. I’ve worked out with some powerful HUMANS in the work world and yet, it didn’t stop me from kicking their ass or cheering them on..

WE want to be better than yesterday. 

We want to be stronger than yesterday. 

We want to be healthier than yesterday….

We want to consistently show up for ourselves and watch ourselves get stronger overtime. 

If there is one aspect of the 3M’s I’m asking you to embrace right now – movement with/without CrossFit would be it. Even if you are just starting out, I still suggest CrossFit….If you live in Halifax, CrossFit Basinview has done all these aspects very well. It’s where I go and their way of doing things + their incredible COMMUNITY continues to empower me from the inside out and make me stronger in ways I never imagined I could be….

Ok, enough about my Love….on to the 3rd and most powerful M of all….the one that gets judged the most and the one that I would yell from the rooftops if more people would tune in and listen….

As I started working out and leaning into the power of mindfulness, my Physician at the time opened me up to this powerful opportunity to use medicine as tools.

His words…accept the pills you are being asked to take…you are at a place that you need them however as you do, learn tools to replace them and overtime, work your way off them…

I had to accept that I needed antidepressant to thrive again. And yet, I knew I couldn’t stay on them forever… as I leaned into new tools, I also chose to explore opportunities outside the realm of pharmaceuticals….

This is where I discovered the powerful medicine that is my 3rd M – marijuana.

If the world knew the science on marijuana, the world would not be drinking every day at 4pm. The world would be taking a puff of this powerful healer and using it as their new tool of choice.

Did you know that REM sleep increases with marijuana?

Did you know our bodies are actually made to receive marijuana – there are actually receptors in our bodies that naturally bind to it…..

Did you know that marijuana actually brings your body back to a state of equilibrium – one that very few of us live in right now???

Did you know that marijuana makes meditation even more mindful?

Did you know that marijuana makes you become a better parent because you laugh and feel a little more like yourself again???

Did you know that there is such a thing as not getting so high you can’t function, but microdosing?? And this powerful opportunity can guide your body to do magical things.

Microdosing – a few puffs at a time, starting with just ONE before bed sleep better, to feel better….

My pain held me back for a very long time. I could not be a good mom, a good wife or a good human… 

Marijuana allowed me to start seeing that this was possible again and as I embraced it, I was able to let the pills go. All the pills go…and now, I am not addicted to marijuana, it’s a tool in my toolbox I call on when I need a little help to get through the day…

My 3’M I choose to do daily and wouldn’t have it any other way….

Maybe it’s time you embrace some aspect of them too and watched magic happen….within you….

I am seven years out from the start of my journey with my 3M’s and here is where I’m at:



I am on only one pill a day for my Thyroid condition 

I’ve weaned myself off 100mg of antidepressants

I journal daily with gratitude as my main focus

I am a 3M believer… 

I am a marijuana smoker

I am a FU** IT believer (read my last blog)…

I am a mediator DAILY with MINDFULNESS as my ultimate superpower…

The ultimate power in it all??

I found myself again through the power of the 3M’s….

Maybe today, you will too..

Remember – you are so fu**ing worth it and “there truly is no you, without YOU”.

Wake up call..I hope you’re listening…Bye for now.


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