BELIEVE…..The time is NOW

What if…

You can shift it all

By just starting to believe in you…

One small moment a day….

To choose to take the time your SOUL Is begging you for…..

To rest, to feel, to PAUSE….

To finally open your mind to seeing things differently….




To surrender and accept all that you are…..

Just as you are….

Regardless of what you’ve done, said or felt….

To forgive yourself

To discover happiness within

Beyond the mistakes you’ve made

The sadness you’ve had to ensure

The pain you’ve had to feel

What if that pain is here because it’s you holding on to the things that no longer serve you….

What if, Its you HOLDING you BACK…..

NO one else….

Everything you’ve had to go through was to get you right here, right now….

You wouldn’t be you without it all…

The good, the bad and the ugly…and yet, you are the one HOLDING on to these feelings of shame, of lack and of deeper inner victim mentality…

So I awaken you today to one powerful opportunity that have shifted it all for me…



Choice to wake up today and see if differently….

Choice to take action back to you…

Piece by piece

Little by little….

Forward…no longer backwards.

Towards the light and away from the darkness.

For the darkness keeps us in a loop

The light allows for clarity

For truth

For trust and for an inner knowing beyond what we ever imagined possible.

You cannot have darkness without light however you get to choose the amount of darkness you carry. 

The world needs light. Our kids need light.. you need light….

Our kids need us to learn how to feel again and this comes from the inside out…

If it starts within us, it immediately translates to our kids….

They are, our greatest mirrors remember…

So today I ask you to embrace CHOICE and PERSPECTIVE and to choose to BELIEVE in you AGAIN

Your time is SO NOW.


The world is fairy take fu**ing magical on the other side of the darkness you feel….

Wake up call

Bye for now.


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