Shift out of Fear and back to Love….the time is NOW

So many peoples favourite words right now all start with F….




So many of us have FAKED life for so long that we don’t even know who we are anymore…we’ve also needed so much CONTROL and this lack of control and uncertainty has put us all in FEAR….I GET IT….I once lived there too.

And yet, as these last two years have flown by, I am so excited to see another letter finally emerging…one that I love talking about…..

The L mentality….



Let go….

and if F comes into the picture…its because

FUC********* is said with a SMILE…because it feels EMPOWERING….

and of course – FAITH is at the forefront…..With FORGIVENESS as the ultimate superpower.

The only difference between the people using the F mentality vs. L mentality is CHOICE.

The L people have lived in the F place…..however they used their learnings to flow in to the L place.

Now, they don’t always live in the L place and do things perfectly from a place of L , however, they are usually growers and learn from their mistakes….and use compassion to flow from LOVE vs. anger.

If we get stuck in F – the opportunity lies in becoming aware of the ROLE you play by living your life in F and the opportunity you have right now do see and do it differently.

I was reminded yesterday of a powerful analogy that has guided my journey to unravelling it all…..maybe it will empower you.

The analogy of the backpack.

We all carry an imaginary backpacks full of stuff. The stuff we carry around in our stories and our experiences of life. This heaviness sits our on shoulders – its why so many of us carry it and are having more shoulder pain than ever before. We, as humans right now – are carry the weights of our world on our shoulders and its time we become aware of what we are choosing to carry….

If we choose to always carry around our backpacks and never pop them open – we live most of our lives in the F zone…. Anger also keeps also keeps us there. Blame. Judement. Etc.

There is HUGE opportunity right now to become more aware of the L zone opportunity.

For living in it – can cause HUGE shifts to everything around you.

As I’ve become more of an L person and empowered my F’s, my life has completely changed.

In a way that most things flow to me and the rest flows away now – without a hold and that in itself – is something I never imagine I could FEEL.

I don’t always flow in L’s, however every moment I make a conscious effort to be aware when I flow in F’s.

How do you start flowing in L you ask?

Its very simple. Use everything around you as a MIRROR opportunity. Stop looking at life as good or bad and start accepting what is – for what it is. Everything and everyone is a mirror of you – when we become aware of who we through others and grow from it – magic happens.

Miracles happen. Unconditional Love happens. For self and then everything around you – including your kids.

There is no right or wrong on whether you are a L or F person and yet – I believe the opportunity lies in the universal language of L – LOVE.

Now, more than ever, our world is being asked to work its way to the L zone…

To learn how to let go of fear, fall in LOVE with Self and Trust that everything is as it should be…..

I wish you well.

We have such opportunity RIGHT now.

I welcome you to see it too 🙂