I speak a lot about the word HEART….

In my learning to FLOW back to my best version of my AUTHENTIC self, I recognized a superpower we all HOLD…

Its quite simple actually….

Not HARD to call on and yet – many of us have forgotten about it…or left it behind…

Because we are all a little LOST right now….and its OK…..

We’ve been thinking too much in our HEADs…..and when we do, its shuts off our HEART form of communication….

What if you knew the HEART isn’t just a pump???

What if you knew that your HEART is your bodies ultimate guide…..

EMOTIONS are the language it speaks and WORDS are its SUPERPOWER….

There is science out there to back up my words and yet – right now – I’m asking you to tune in to the FEELs over anything else….

What if… right now you place your HAND on your HEART….

HOLD it there and remind yourself of a MOMENT of LOVE where you FELT LOVE….

BREATHE it IN….2 deep breaths….


ASK it to FLOW all around your BODY….


NOW SMILE….and remember how blessed you are….

CHOOSE to take this FEELING everywhere you go today….

Now before doing ANYTHING ELSE….

Say this OUT LOUD to yourself….

It’s the simple MINDSET of HEART I’ve created…

The one I will be bringing to life in my “The Nancy Perspective” podcast launching Nov 17th on all platforms…

and TODAY, I want to EMPOWER you with it too…

Whenever I need a dose of HEART – I call on these words…

If emotions are our superpowers, then words are its igniters….

These simple words, said out LOUD keep me flowing and feeling vs. sitting and hold….stand in FRONT of the mirror if you DARE….lol


Being HUMAN is my superpower…

EMPOWERING LOVE is my opportunity right NOW…

Accepting my AUTHENTIC SELF and pulling on my CAPE makes me STRONG…

Pulling on my RESILIENCE makes me FLOW….

TRUSTing I am right where I need to be is how I move FORWARD”…

As you FEEL these words…know, everyday that you SAY them is a NEW opportunity to do it differently and today…I ask you to pay attention as the SMALL moments of DIFFERENT FLOW in….

We are so very worth it all…

Regardless of how you FEEL right now…know that HEART is always here to remind you of your AWESOMENESS….

I wish you a magical day…fairy tale magical…the best kind…Bye for now….


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