The Self Love Opportunity….

I have one mission with this blog post – To wake you up to the magic that comes with self love, if chosen to embrace from a place of love.

Underneath all the pain you have endured, the sadness you have held and the numbing you did not even know you were doing, is a person worth believing in again.

Trust me. I know this deep down in my soul because I have been you.

I lost myself in sickness. I lost myself because I tried to take on the world and conquer it like the warrior I was, and I failed miserably. To date, this has become my greatest blessing.

For I, like many of us, was on a path of destruction towards money, power and “keeping up with the Jone’s” that I almost did not have a life to keep up with anymore.

My blessing came seven years ago, when my mom dragged me to the MAYO clinic thinking I was dying to finding out it was ONLY CFS and FIBRO. I had pushed my body to its limits and had no choice but to find a way to do it differently.

I came home on ten pills a day from the MAYO clinic and over the course of these last seven years, I have come off all of them – except my thyroid ones. I was on 100 mg a day of an anti-depressant for three years and now the only thing I require is a few puffs of weed at night to help me sleep and that is it.

I call my wake up call my greatest blessing – not because it has not been easy healing from the inside out, but because it was all I needed to wake me up to what I had been missing out on – ME.

Would you be surprised to know that finding my way back to self love, from the inside out, was my greatest healing ever out of FIBRO and CFS?

Not only did it heal me, but its power also healed the two most important people in my world – my girls. When we choose to heal us from the inside out – the reflection and the mirror guides others to do the same, especially those who are close to our hearts. The more I healed and embraced the happiness and self love within, the more I saw it happening within my girls too and that alone, has pushed me to a place I never imagined I would be.

What if, through seeking self love, one small step at a time (vs. the all or nothing mentality we have all tried to embrace), we can unravel all the anger, sadness, ho hum, etc. you hold within and start to shift it all.

It starts with choosing you.

A small step every single day – regardless of how small the step is and celebrating it all, MOMENT BY MOMENT, STEP BY STEP.

What if today, all you did was this: You know how much you love your kids? Your dog? You know what you would do for them to keep them happy?

What if, today, all you did, was take some of that love you so easily give to others and shifted it back to you. A little at a time. A small step at a time.

What if, while you did this, you also choose to start seeing things differently – you slowly started to shift your perspective out of your head and into your heart – out of the overthinking and towards the love and compassion you so easily share with others.

Perspective really is our greatest choice forward. Perspective really has the power to change everything. Regardless of what happens, how you see it can either force you deeper into the hole or empower you to rise beyond the hole and it all comes down to a simple shift in thinking.


Yes, you will not be perfect at this and YES you will fail daily, however the lessons you will learn as you do just may empower you to keep pushing.

I am seven years in – shifting my perspective moment by moment and making small steps daily towards self love and the magic surrounding me is incredible.

As I have healed, I continue to grow and learn and do it all with love and compassion wrapped around my soul. I am far from perfect and fu** up often, however, when I do, I remind myself to wrap all the love I so easily give away, around me, knowing I have the choice to try again in the next moment.

I have lost everything on my journey back to self love – my career path, my marriage, my old self however what I’ve gain – happiness and peace from the inside out and what I see in my kids – kindness, compassion and love beaming – I know, that regardless of the pain I have felt, I am on the right path forward.

Choosing me. Choosing happiness, choosing my heart.

You time is NOW. Trust me. What you believe in yourself to be true, is true and today is the DAY to make the choice to start seeing it again- moment my moment, choice by choice and perspective by perspective.

You are so worthy of this shift and now, more than ever, the world is asking you to do so.

WE must choose love and love that is cultivated from the inside out has the power to create all that you have ever desired.

You are one small step away from it. Stop telling yourself otherwise.

If you are feeling stuck, reach out. I offer sessions that guide souls forwards and now more than ever, you are so worthy of it.

Bye for Now

Nancy Fu**ing Seibel

The Nancy Perspective


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