The Self Love Opportunity….

I have one mission with this blog post – To wake you up to the magic that comes with self love, if chosen to embrace from a place of love.

Underneath all the pain you have endured, the sadness you have held and the numbing you did not even know you were doing, is a person worth believing in again.

Trust me. I know this deep down in my soul because I have been you.

I lost myself in sickness. I lost myself because I tried to take on the world and conquer it like the warrior I was, and I failed miserably. To date, this has become my greatest blessing.

For I, like many of us, was on a path of destruction towards money, power and “keeping up with the Jone’s” that I almost did not have a life to keep up with anymore.

My blessing came seven years ago, when my mom dragged me to the MAYO clinic thinking I was dying to finding out it was ONLY CFS and FIBRO. I had pushed my body to its limits and had no choice but to find a way to do it differently.

I came home on ten pills a day from the MAYO clinic and over the course of these last seven years, I have come off all of them – except my thyroid ones. I was on 100 mg a day of an anti-depressant for three years and now the only thing I require is a few puffs of weed at night to help me sleep and that is it.

I call my wake up call my greatest blessing – not because it has not been easy healing from the inside out, but because it was all I needed to wake me up to what I had been missing out on – ME.

Would you be surprised to know that finding my way back to self love, from the inside out, was my greatest healing ever out of FIBRO and CFS?

Not only did it heal me, but its power also healed the two most important people in my world – my girls. When we choose to heal us from the inside out – the reflection and the mirror guides others to do the same, especially those who are close to our hearts. The more I healed and embraced the happiness and self love within, the more I saw it happening within my girls too and that alone, has pushed me to a place I never imagined I would be.

What if, through seeking self love, one small step at a time (vs. the all or nothing mentality we have all tried to embrace), we can unravel all the anger, sadness, ho hum, etc. you hold within and start to shift it all.

It starts with choosing you.

A small step every single day – regardless of how small the step is and celebrating it all, MOMENT BY MOMENT, STEP BY STEP.

What if today, all you did was this: You know how much you love your kids? Your dog? You know what you would do for them to keep them happy?

What if, today, all you did, was take some of that love you so easily give to others and shifted it back to you. A little at a time. A small step at a time.

What if, while you did this, you also choose to start seeing things differently – you slowly started to shift your perspective out of your head and into your heart – out of the overthinking and towards the love and compassion you so easily share with others.

Perspective really is our greatest choice forward. Perspective really has the power to change everything. Regardless of what happens, how you see it can either force you deeper into the hole or empower you to rise beyond the hole and it all comes down to a simple shift in thinking.


Yes, you will not be perfect at this and YES you will fail daily, however the lessons you will learn as you do just may empower you to keep pushing.

I am seven years in – shifting my perspective moment by moment and making small steps daily towards self love and the magic surrounding me is incredible.

As I have healed, I continue to grow and learn and do it all with love and compassion wrapped around my soul. I am far from perfect and fu** up often, however, when I do, I remind myself to wrap all the love I so easily give away, around me, knowing I have the choice to try again in the next moment.

I have lost everything on my journey back to self love – my career path, my marriage, my old self however what I’ve gain – happiness and peace from the inside out and what I see in my kids – kindness, compassion and love beaming – I know, that regardless of the pain I have felt, I am on the right path forward.

Choosing me. Choosing happiness, choosing my heart.

You time is NOW. Trust me. What you believe in yourself to be true, is true and today is the DAY to make the choice to start seeing it again- moment my moment, choice by choice and perspective by perspective.

You are so worthy of this shift and now, more than ever, the world is asking you to do so.

WE must choose love and love that is cultivated from the inside out has the power to create all that you have ever desired.

You are one small step away from it. Stop telling yourself otherwise.

If you are feeling stuck, reach out. I offer sessions that guide souls forwards and now more than ever, you are so worthy of it.

Bye for Now

Nancy Fu**ing Seibel

The Nancy Perspective


When the HELPER becomes the one who needs HELP…

I used to love being asked for help.

I have always been the helper, the one who wears an invisible shirt that says “tell me your life story and Ill listen’.

I am the one people found at parties to empower me with the deepest parts of their soul….and I listened….

I was the one that was there for everyone….

The one everyone counted on, regardless of how hard my day had been or what I’ve been asked to flow through…

Like so many of us – I always put myself aside….to help…

I did this..until my body YELLED in a way I had no choice, but to listen. I was EMPTY….BUCKET toppled over and STOMPED on….

I got sick…and when you get sick…the fear of death takes over and its incredible what happens after….

You become scared and that fear drives you to do things differently….

When I made the choice to stop helping….it was so so so SCARY and I felt so off balance….

Those friends I was always there helping stopped calling…

My relationship fell apart…..

My life fell apart because I didn’t know HOW to give myself the LOVE I so easily gave away to others….

It was scary as FUCK… especially when it happened as I was learning to stand alone..

So many of us right now are walking around very empty inside – using things as our way to FEEL better….using HELPING as our strategy of NOT dealing with our shit….

What if today, you heard me out..

When I made the decision to stop helping and instead, learned how to help myself and ask for help – I learned how to love myself…little by little…moment by moment….

My mom always said the greatest words to ever be said are “I need your help”

As I learned to STOP helping and instead learned what I needed to be my best self…what has come is magical….

I now know what I need to help myself in times of HARD…..

I now know coping strategies that help me when I’m not myself…

I now have FRIENDS who I can call on to ask for help…

The hardest part of shifting from a HELPER to an LOVER/HELPER of YOURSELF is cracking open your opportunity to RECEIVE love…

SO many of us have NO idea how to RECEIVE LOVE, especially our OWN love….

What does this even mean?

Let me ask you this…

What do you need in times of anger, sadness and frustration?

Is is someone who offers opinions? or is it someone who listens?

Can you even use your words to articulate when you need in times of HARD?

What do you do with yourself when you are not yourself?

Do you get ANGRY at you? Or do you wrap yourself in LOVE and hear what you beautiful, strong, amazing body is asking for?

RECEIVING love means knowing what you need in TIMEs of HARD and choosing to GIVE LOVE to you vs. what we so easily give instead….

What if today – you took one step back from HELPing and instead EMPOWERED your need for HELP…

Your need for love…

If you don’t know how to do this…then this weekend, I ask you to find out…

How did I?

I wrote down my superpowers as a HUMAN….

I am kind…

I am compassionate…

I am love….

When I realized who I was and what I was giving away….I used the words “I am ready to do this differently” and “I am open to giving and receiving love”

I said the out loud…to my times of HARD…

I took small moments in time to choose me…

I took small awareness opportunities to choose me…

and all of a sudden I realized, the power that came in doing so…

Now, I love to help again, because my bucket is full….my LOVE is a mirror from within and that alone brings a FEELING of something we are all truly worthy of…

When we choose us first – HELPing becomes joyful….

When we choose us first – LOVE starts the conversation and when LOVE flows through HUMANs – magic happens…

What if today…you made a choice to SLOW down the HELPING and instead HELPED you…or even ASKED FOR HELP…

The more we put us FIRST ….the more the energy of LOVE flows from within and this my friends…is the SUPERPOWER we’ve all been searching for….

Today I empower you to think differently…

You are so very worthy of it…

I wish you a magical Fucking day..


Nancy Fucking Seibel

The Nancy Perspective

** If you want more of Nancy….find me on my podcast…The Nancy Perspective on Spotify (have no idea how to put a link lol)


Right now, in this world, it’s easier to take a look around and see all the external things happening and blame them.

COVID has woken so many of us up in ways we weren’t prepared and now we are all walking around like WTF….

The plan we had isn’t anymore….

We are different…

Our kids are different.

Our relationships are different.

So many of us have walked away from our marriages…

So many of us have chosen a path of different and yet – still holding on to things that really no longer matter….

SO many of us are learning to stand alone and its SO HARD……

Everyone is walking around in protection mode…its like we’ve all experience massive heartbreak and instead of dealing with it – we’ve STUFFED it in…

Stuffing is OK in moments….however – if we choose NOT to deal and NUMB – that is what leads us to where we are right now – off KILTER….

Steve Job’s did a Commencement speech back in 2005 and his words forever are imprinted in my soul.

Here they are...

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.”

What if everything we’ve gone through in the course of ours lives is to POP us open to what we are supposed to be vs what we are running from?

What if, this is the universes way of saying “NOT YOUR PATH”…..

What if, this is your bodies way of saying “ITS TIME TO DO IT DIFFERENT” and I’m going to KEEP GIVING YOU THE SAME SHIT over and over until you CHOOSE TO DO IT DIFFERENTLY…

What if, today, instead of thinking you need to do BIG things to shift, all you did was EMPOWER HEART from within?

Now, more than ever, instead of looking outward at the continuous roller coaster that is life – we are being asked to go inward…to learn how to become more aware of who we are, accept ourselves just as we are and remind ourselves (right now) that just as we are , is enough.

This is why I PREACH HEART and today I want to EMPOWER You with a simple way to SEE/DO it differently.


A motto, a mindset…words that shift you quickly. Here is how it works.

In moments of HARD, I call on HEART.

HUMAN – I am HUMAN. I make mistakes. I must FEEL the emotion I am being asked to feel- CRY. SCREAM. WHATEVER it is I need to do in that moment and then ACCEPT and LOVE MYSELF MORE…GIVE yourself a GIANT HUG…

EMPOWER -In moments of HARD – I must FLOW through it, not get STUCK in it. What can I do differently NOW? Can I ask for help? Can I empower a different perspective? How can I shift out of this??

ALIGNMENT – Your body knows when its misaligned – it yells and screams through emotions, feelings and signs (like red lights when you are in a rush). TUNE in and pay attention right now. Put your HAND on your HEART and feel what its trying to tell you. Sometime I ask myself “Please help me feeling this differently”

RESILIENCE – in time of HARD, I want to slip back into OLD ways…become the VICTIM or what I call the “ho hum”. Today – remind yourself of the superpower we all HOLD, that is RESILIENCE. Stand tall – call on the superhero within – I call her NANCY Fuc*ing SEIBEL and move forward with SWAGGER. Sometimes I turn on the TOP GUN theme SONG and walk with it until I am ready – lol.

TRUST – There is a GUT feeling within all of us. As kids, our stomachs hurt, as adults, there is this INNER knowing…a truth that just pops up and TODAY I reminding you to TRUST It. You GUT is 99% right all the time. Steve Jobs made all his decisions with his GUT…Today, HEAR its WORDS and EMPOWER It TRUTHS.

This simple concept for me has shifted everything. In times of HARD, when I call on it as my next step in FEELING and FLOWING, it’s shifts me almost instantly into something DIFFERENT.

It ALLOWS me always to show up as my best self, from a place of love, regardless of what is going on around me externally.

It WELCOMES me NOT to blame, and instead to EMPOWER the responsibility of my CHOICES and take the best ACTION for me forward.

WE cannot change others – trust me I’ve tried HARD and yet, we can EMPOWER ourselves to see it DIFFERENTLY.

Today – I ASK that you do.


The time is NOW.

You are so very worthy of it.

Remember who you are.

That person inside is dying to come out…to show the world who they are.

Stop hiding them and start empowering them differently. When we shift, everyone around us does too…..especially our kids and they need all the HELP they can get…

I wish you a magical fuc*ing day…the fairy tale magical kind. Bye for now.


I speak a lot about the word HEART….

In my learning to FLOW back to my best version of my AUTHENTIC self, I recognized a superpower we all HOLD…

Its quite simple actually….

Not HARD to call on and yet – many of us have forgotten about it…or left it behind…

Because we are all a little LOST right now….and its OK…..

We’ve been thinking too much in our HEADs…..and when we do, its shuts off our HEART form of communication….

What if you knew the HEART isn’t just a pump???

What if you knew that your HEART is your bodies ultimate guide…..

EMOTIONS are the language it speaks and WORDS are its SUPERPOWER….

There is science out there to back up my words and yet – right now – I’m asking you to tune in to the FEELs over anything else….

What if… right now you place your HAND on your HEART….

HOLD it there and remind yourself of a MOMENT of LOVE where you FELT LOVE….

BREATHE it IN….2 deep breaths….


ASK it to FLOW all around your BODY….


NOW SMILE….and remember how blessed you are….

CHOOSE to take this FEELING everywhere you go today….

Now before doing ANYTHING ELSE….

Say this OUT LOUD to yourself….

It’s the simple MINDSET of HEART I’ve created…

The one I will be bringing to life in my “The Nancy Perspective” podcast launching Nov 17th on all platforms…

and TODAY, I want to EMPOWER you with it too…

Whenever I need a dose of HEART – I call on these words…

If emotions are our superpowers, then words are its igniters….

These simple words, said out LOUD keep me flowing and feeling vs. sitting and hold….stand in FRONT of the mirror if you DARE….lol


Being HUMAN is my superpower…

EMPOWERING LOVE is my opportunity right NOW…

Accepting my AUTHENTIC SELF and pulling on my CAPE makes me STRONG…

Pulling on my RESILIENCE makes me FLOW….

TRUSTing I am right where I need to be is how I move FORWARD”…

As you FEEL these words…know, everyday that you SAY them is a NEW opportunity to do it differently and today…I ask you to pay attention as the SMALL moments of DIFFERENT FLOW in….

We are so very worth it all…

Regardless of how you FEEL right now…know that HEART is always here to remind you of your AWESOMENESS….

I wish you a magical day…fairy tale magical…the best kind…Bye for now….

Shift out of Fear and back to Love….the time is NOW

So many peoples favourite words right now all start with F….




So many of us have FAKED life for so long that we don’t even know who we are anymore…we’ve also needed so much CONTROL and this lack of control and uncertainty has put us all in FEAR….I GET IT….I once lived there too.

And yet, as these last two years have flown by, I am so excited to see another letter finally emerging…one that I love talking about…..

The L mentality….



Let go….

and if F comes into the picture…its because

FUC********* is said with a SMILE…because it feels EMPOWERING….

and of course – FAITH is at the forefront…..With FORGIVENESS as the ultimate superpower.

The only difference between the people using the F mentality vs. L mentality is CHOICE.

The L people have lived in the F place…..however they used their learnings to flow in to the L place.

Now, they don’t always live in the L place and do things perfectly from a place of L , however, they are usually growers and learn from their mistakes….and use compassion to flow from LOVE vs. anger.

If we get stuck in F – the opportunity lies in becoming aware of the ROLE you play by living your life in F and the opportunity you have right now do see and do it differently.

I was reminded yesterday of a powerful analogy that has guided my journey to unravelling it all…..maybe it will empower you.

The analogy of the backpack.

We all carry an imaginary backpacks full of stuff. The stuff we carry around in our stories and our experiences of life. This heaviness sits our on shoulders – its why so many of us carry it and are having more shoulder pain than ever before. We, as humans right now – are carry the weights of our world on our shoulders and its time we become aware of what we are choosing to carry….

If we choose to always carry around our backpacks and never pop them open – we live most of our lives in the F zone…. Anger also keeps also keeps us there. Blame. Judement. Etc.

There is HUGE opportunity right now to become more aware of the L zone opportunity.

For living in it – can cause HUGE shifts to everything around you.

As I’ve become more of an L person and empowered my F’s, my life has completely changed.

In a way that most things flow to me and the rest flows away now – without a hold and that in itself – is something I never imagine I could FEEL.

I don’t always flow in L’s, however every moment I make a conscious effort to be aware when I flow in F’s.

How do you start flowing in L you ask?

Its very simple. Use everything around you as a MIRROR opportunity. Stop looking at life as good or bad and start accepting what is – for what it is. Everything and everyone is a mirror of you – when we become aware of who we through others and grow from it – magic happens.

Miracles happen. Unconditional Love happens. For self and then everything around you – including your kids.

There is no right or wrong on whether you are a L or F person and yet – I believe the opportunity lies in the universal language of L – LOVE.

Now, more than ever, our world is being asked to work its way to the L zone…

To learn how to let go of fear, fall in LOVE with Self and Trust that everything is as it should be…..

I wish you well.

We have such opportunity RIGHT now.

I welcome you to see it too 🙂

Allow your Emotions to flow…Anger and all

Did you know there are NINE emotions in this world that we get the pleasure of experiencing as human beings?










I remember discovering this with my Daughter at the Psychologist office and pretty much sinking in my chair as I believe there were only two – anger and happiness.

For a very long time, I held a lot of anger and wasn’t even aware it was there.. My kids certainly remember my moments of anger and we often talk about how blessed we are that I don’t carry them anymore. There were days I’d slam doors and act like a 15 year old kid. There were days I’d walk in the door feeling happy and flip the switch within minutes just because one small thing went wrong. 

At the time, I had trouble seeing my anger. I knew I wasn’t happy, however I was numbing so much that I wasn’t able to see that anger was overtaking most of my time at home with my family – who mattered most.

Brene Brown says that when you numb one emotion, you numb them all. I had trouble believing this as I thought I was actually feeling…I was actually doing interviews at the time at work for work/life balance as so many couldn’t see how I was effectively getting my work done and not hanging on by a string and yet, I was doing it with NUMBNESS  inside. Work wasn’t seeing my unhappiness as I showed up there with such excitement and drive, however, home was slowly withering away and I had no idea what to do so I chose to ignore it all….

I remember the day I unconsciously chose work over my family. I hate failing – I think we all do and yet, I was really struggling as a Mom. Work was easy for me. It allowed me to be this person who I felt proud of. Being a mom felt like endless failure and I disliked failure so I avoided it like the plague. The hardest thing as a mom is knowing you can’t walk away. There were so many moments my kids and husband saw a side of me that I hid from the world and it was so much easier to run over feel….

I wasn’t blessed to start motherhood the way I had planned. I couldn’t wait to have kids. I couldn’t wait to be a mom and yet, on the day it happened, my entire life shifted. I ended up with PTSD in the delivery room upon Lucy’s arrival into this world. They messed up my bloodwork and coded me. I remember how this felt and I remember the immediate numbness that came after this moment. After that, I went completely into automatic mode and couldn’t feel anything. I flowed through having two beautiful daughters after that moment, moving as a family, starting a new job and trying to become the superhero of my life while barely holding on.

I choose to NUMB it all.

I wasn’t taught how to feel and looking back, it was the greatest lesson my soul ever chose to embrace.

As kids, we weren’t really taught how to emotionally regulate. It’s not our parents fault, they too were not taught it either.

I wasn’t given the blessing of learning emotions and how to regulate until after the age of 36 – sitting in my psychologist office with my daughter because of course she didn’t know how to either.

I remember listening to what he was teaching and almost falling over in my chair when I realized I too hadn’t learned this valuable knowledge. It was life shifting…

Emotions are our body’s way of communicating. When emotions arise – we are being asked to tune in to discover what we are needing to pay attention to. If we choose to pay attention and feel the emotion we are being asked to feel, we can move forward empowered. If we block the emotion, overtime they get built up inside, and eventually no longer have space within and flow outward. 

Emotions that don’t get dealt with become NUMBED, and ones that do, teach us lessons to move forward and do it differently next time.  We are meant to flow in our emotions, not HOLD them….


Most of us right now are numbing and holding. We are either on pills to cope or using anger as our guiding force. I am not criticizing you or judging you in any way shape or form as I know, sometimes we need tools to move forward (remember at one point I was on 100mg of antidepressants too). However, I am asking that if you are numbing or full of anger – that NOW, you wake up and do something about it.

Remember – our kids are a mirror reflection of who we are….

What if the mirror our kids are reflecting can become our greatest gift in growing? 

What if – they are here to show us the good, bad and ugly for us to see it and empower change in it. 

Our kids are resilient, however they learn how to be from us. If we are only using anger or NUMB, they too will only choose ANGER or NUMB.

This is our greatest opportunity….

What if today, instead of feeling the shame around how you’ve shown up, you did something about it.

You made a decision to dive a little deeper into the emotions you aren’t feeling and wrapped your head around why. When we choose to grow, our kids automatically flow with us as we are their guides.

I watched as I started to unlearn my anger and sadness and feel my way through it, so did my girls. As I shited, they did too….As I learned, they did too.

It was magical to watch and it’s why I unraveled it all…it started because of them and now, I am most proud to feel it within me. 

What if today – you took all the effort and people pleasing ways you so easily give away to others and turned it back on yourself to start feeling again???

You stopped making yourself feel like a failure for the mistakes you’ve made and you faced your truth – the ones you are hiding from…

This is what I had to do. 

I had to become selfish and allow the deep darkness to flow for the light to eventually shine through….

I had to feel it all…

Deal with it all

Accept my role in it all….

Allow it all to flow…

This took five years, tons of counseling, meditation, mindfulness and you name it – I did it…however I DID IT…..You are worthy of the same….

As I unraveled the anger, the sadness, the depression and  the shame, I recognized a powerful force in being human that I was ignoring and maybe you are too.

We must feel to heal.

We must feel to grow

We must feel to show up better for our children. 

When we grow, our children grow too…

We are HUMAN. Being human means  that we are allowed to have these feelings most of us ignore and yet, we can’t live in them. 

My mom always said powerful words that guided me through those moments when I wasn’t acting as my mature self…..”it’s not what you do in the moment that matters most, it’s what you do after that has the opportunity to shift it all”.

What if today, the only thing you did differently is know you’re not alone and move forward differently than the last time you felt the anger. 

Today in my home, anger flows and no longer holds. It’s the most incredible superpower we’ve developed within our home.

 With my girls, we now talk a lot.  We call each other out on our moments  where we need guidance and we work through them together. We don’t raise our voices – instead, we use our words, articulate our emotions and move forward together.

You are worthy of the same….

We can’t change what has happened, however we can empower what happens next.

Today, I empower you with the choice to do it differently and the opportunity to move forward. The time is now and our kids deserve it, now, more than ever….

So let the anger flow….

Feel the power of being HUMAN 

Knowing you aren’t alone….

Knowing that choice and perspective lie underneath it all

Knowing that you are the only one who can empower it all…

The time is NOW…

You are so very worthy of it.

Wake up call…

BELIEVE…..The time is NOW

What if…

You can shift it all

By just starting to believe in you…

One small moment a day….

To choose to take the time your SOUL Is begging you for…..

To rest, to feel, to PAUSE….

To finally open your mind to seeing things differently….




To surrender and accept all that you are…..

Just as you are….

Regardless of what you’ve done, said or felt….

To forgive yourself

To discover happiness within

Beyond the mistakes you’ve made

The sadness you’ve had to ensure

The pain you’ve had to feel

What if that pain is here because it’s you holding on to the things that no longer serve you….

What if, Its you HOLDING you BACK…..

NO one else….

Everything you’ve had to go through was to get you right here, right now….

You wouldn’t be you without it all…

The good, the bad and the ugly…and yet, you are the one HOLDING on to these feelings of shame, of lack and of deeper inner victim mentality…

So I awaken you today to one powerful opportunity that have shifted it all for me…



Choice to wake up today and see if differently….

Choice to take action back to you…

Piece by piece

Little by little….

Forward…no longer backwards.

Towards the light and away from the darkness.

For the darkness keeps us in a loop

The light allows for clarity

For truth

For trust and for an inner knowing beyond what we ever imagined possible.

You cannot have darkness without light however you get to choose the amount of darkness you carry. 

The world needs light. Our kids need light.. you need light….

Our kids need us to learn how to feel again and this comes from the inside out…

If it starts within us, it immediately translates to our kids….

They are, our greatest mirrors remember…

So today I ask you to embrace CHOICE and PERSPECTIVE and to choose to BELIEVE in you AGAIN

Your time is SO NOW.


The world is fairy take fu**ing magical on the other side of the darkness you feel….

Wake up call

Bye for now.

The Power of the 3M’s – Mindfulness, Movement and Marijuana

**Please note, all of my words come from two places – love and faith. These words are my OPINIONs backed by experience and knowledge with a hope to empower you.


When I came back from the MAYO clinic, I was scared as hell..

I knew I wouldn’t make it in this world if I didn’t get my sh** together….

The challenge? I wasn’t prescribed more meds! I was prescribed a prescription that involved ME and my CHOICE as to what to do next….

Two things I was asked to conquer daily – mindfulness and movement.

Regardless of the pain I felt – I was asked to move every single day for 60 minutes and that movement was to be based on how I felt that day…

Regardless of the HUGE resistance to mindfulness, I was also being asked to embrace it with open arms and find time to quiet my overthinking, insanely wonderful brain of mine….

My Mom says looking back – she is amazed at what I’ve done to rewire it all and all I knew at the time, was that I no longer had a choice.

I came home with one intention – to rediscover how to take care of me.

How? By leaning into the 2M’s I was being asked to discover – MIndfulness and Movement….and start them slowly and consistently….

The first few weeks, I did both 1-2 times per week…I celebrated every time…3 mins of meditation and 60 min of HOT Yoga….

Most times, after my exercise, I had no energy to do anything else and spent the rest of the time reading, journaling or watching TV and yet, overtime, it got easier.

It wasn’t the exercise that kept me showing up at Yoga, or the gym or CrossFit, it was this powerful sense of what the world needs more of right now – community.

Whether you walk into Yoga, a gym or a CrossFit box – when you find a tribe that matches your vibe, you want more of it….and that’s what started to happen. I found that every community I met – I learned, I reflected and I grew….and it cultivated this newfound strength within that I wanted more of….

If you knew the power of CrossFit, you’d find a tribe right now too. The world needs more movement and CrossFit gives you an approach beyond anything I’ve ever seen. 

If you’ve ever met a CrossFitter, they are often quite passionate about CrossFit and don’t know how to stop talking about it. If I could, I’d wear a shirt everyday and talk about it non-stop, not because I love the tribe, but because of what’s it done for my body.

A few things you must know about the power behind this incredible workout…

  • CrossFit keeps you moving better daily. It’s all about Functional movements and these are the things we do often – like sitting, standing, lifting, etc. 
  • CrossFits workouts are made for EVERYONE. They are scalable and if you find the right gym, doing CrossFit properly, it will change your life. It’s all about showing up 3-4 times/week to really get the best of what the workout has to offer. 
  • In life, we want to do everything all at once, however CrossFit teaches you about the importance of showing up daily to continuously build strength – little by little, overtime (this concept is called progressive overload).. Building strength overtime with CrossFit has shown to take HUMANS from a place of lack to a place of empowerment with their health. 
  • EGO – you cannot walk into a CrossFit gym with your title in the business world and rock CrossFit. You cannot walk into CrossFit and bring your EGO, or else it will take you out. CrossFit guides you to see your internal power within and let everything else go. I’ve worked out with some powerful HUMANS in the work world and yet, it didn’t stop me from kicking their ass or cheering them on..

WE want to be better than yesterday. 

We want to be stronger than yesterday. 

We want to be healthier than yesterday….

We want to consistently show up for ourselves and watch ourselves get stronger overtime. 

If there is one aspect of the 3M’s I’m asking you to embrace right now – movement with/without CrossFit would be it. Even if you are just starting out, I still suggest CrossFit….If you live in Halifax, CrossFit Basinview has done all these aspects very well. It’s where I go and their way of doing things + their incredible COMMUNITY continues to empower me from the inside out and make me stronger in ways I never imagined I could be….

Ok, enough about my Love….on to the 3rd and most powerful M of all….the one that gets judged the most and the one that I would yell from the rooftops if more people would tune in and listen….

As I started working out and leaning into the power of mindfulness, my Physician at the time opened me up to this powerful opportunity to use medicine as tools.

His words…accept the pills you are being asked to take…you are at a place that you need them however as you do, learn tools to replace them and overtime, work your way off them…

I had to accept that I needed antidepressant to thrive again. And yet, I knew I couldn’t stay on them forever… as I leaned into new tools, I also chose to explore opportunities outside the realm of pharmaceuticals….

This is where I discovered the powerful medicine that is my 3rd M – marijuana.

If the world knew the science on marijuana, the world would not be drinking every day at 4pm. The world would be taking a puff of this powerful healer and using it as their new tool of choice.

Did you know that REM sleep increases with marijuana?

Did you know our bodies are actually made to receive marijuana – there are actually receptors in our bodies that naturally bind to it…..

Did you know that marijuana actually brings your body back to a state of equilibrium – one that very few of us live in right now???

Did you know that marijuana makes meditation even more mindful?

Did you know that marijuana makes you become a better parent because you laugh and feel a little more like yourself again???

Did you know that there is such a thing as not getting so high you can’t function, but microdosing?? And this powerful opportunity can guide your body to do magical things.

Microdosing – a few puffs at a time, starting with just ONE before bed sleep better, to feel better….

My pain held me back for a very long time. I could not be a good mom, a good wife or a good human… 

Marijuana allowed me to start seeing that this was possible again and as I embraced it, I was able to let the pills go. All the pills go…and now, I am not addicted to marijuana, it’s a tool in my toolbox I call on when I need a little help to get through the day…

My 3’M I choose to do daily and wouldn’t have it any other way….

Maybe it’s time you embrace some aspect of them too and watched magic happen….within you….

I am seven years out from the start of my journey with my 3M’s and here is where I’m at:



I am on only one pill a day for my Thyroid condition 

I’ve weaned myself off 100mg of antidepressants

I journal daily with gratitude as my main focus

I am a 3M believer… 

I am a marijuana smoker

I am a FU** IT believer (read my last blog)…

I am a mediator DAILY with MINDFULNESS as my ultimate superpower…

The ultimate power in it all??

I found myself again through the power of the 3M’s….

Maybe today, you will too..

Remember – you are so fu**ing worth it and “there truly is no you, without YOU”.

Wake up call..I hope you’re listening…Bye for now.

The FOUR letter word with BIG MEANING.

**This post isn’t meant to come from any other place, but from a place of love and opportunity. My intention is to make you laugh and to move forward, knowing that small powerful concepts can truly shift it all. Enjoy

The word F**K…

This word is my ultimate superpower.

When added to any word, it can shift an entire moment.

Out of chaos and into courage.

Out of anger and into laughter…..

It can take a new found friendship from uncomfortable to “I fu**ing love you” within minutes, if said with a smile.

It can take a word and make it magical….Absofu**inglotely is my fav.

It can take a moment of “I can’t” to “F**k it, lets do it anyway

For me, it’s become my courage word

When I’m getting ready to do something big….I often call on its power to ignite, in my body, what it needs to show up….

How? By standing tall and saying it out loud….

Let’s do this….Remember who you are…


From there, I can do FU**ING ANYTHING…..

To me, it’s not just a word.

It has become a powerful concept that I’ve learned to use to guide my soul forward in all aspects of my life. After coming back from the MAYO clinic and being sh** Scared of the diagnosis I’d been given, I knew I had no choice but to move forward and find a way to “be afraid and do it anyway”….

I knew I had to call on the warrior within and yet, I couldn’t feel her anymore.I had lost myself so much in all the wrong things that I was about to give up on it all. The challenge was – I couldn’t and you can’t either….

Regardless of how much guilt we carry – how messed up we feel or how “off kilter” our lives are – we must show up for our kids. There were SO many days, I could barely stand tall this year – let alone these last five years and yet, they are the reason I stand taller, stronger and more at peace than ever….you have this same opportunity.

I am a grower. I am a human with a belief that everyday we must show up better than yesterday and this is NOT for ourselves anymore, but for our children. My kids and I are at the stage (both 10 and 12) where they call me out. I’ve spent years guiding them to show up as their authentic selves with kindness and truth – so I give them permission to call me out when they feel I am not aligned with the same.

I often tell my kids that just because adults wear adult suits, doesn’t always mean we do it well. We too aren’t perfect and we too make mistakes. Those mistakes, when we are adults, are meant to guide us to grow, to guide us to take responsibility for our own actions and more importantly, to learn from them so that we do it differently next time. Unfortunately, right now – this is NOT our #1 approach, and it’s why I’m speaking out loud….

We cannot tell our kids to do things that we, as adults, don’t do ourselves. We are their teachers, their guides, their mirrors and if we are off kilter, or unkind to others or judgmental of our own selves (or others) –  then it’s pretty likely that they are going to do the same….

In this past year, my daughter has come to me with a few call outs that, in the past, would have taken me out. Now, after years of practice, these moments make me realize how lucky we are as parents to have this powerful mirror that is at play.

 I now laugh at the fact that at ten, she is capable of this and I use it as MY reset to ensure I’m aligned with my truths…

Two times that her call outs “dug deep”….

  1. “Mommy, you tell us to look you in the eyes when speaking and you’ve stopped. You are so distracted by your phone and not present with us, it doesn’t feel very nice”….UGH…..
  2. The ultimate gut wrenching moment that really aligned me with the mirror was the day she got in the car after two days of anger and frustration towards each other. When I attempted to cut her off with my words, she paused and said the following “you often say you mirror me MOM, however, I’ve been at school feeling all your anger and sadness today (the connection amongst kids and parents is huge) and I’m calling you out because its not me you are mirroring, it’s yourself”…

Wholly FU**KKKKKKKKK…This power of energy that flows between our kids and ourselves is magical. Kids are super power feelers and this knowing isn’t to make you feel more guilty, but to empower you with the knowledge that it may be time to do something different….

So back to my favourite word. 

I love Fu** so much that I’ve built a concept around it and this concept has gotten me through the times when I can barely carry myself.

When I am not mirroring my best self to the world, I no longer look outward for guidance. I go within and use this powerful concept of “FU** IT” to find a way to do it differently.

So here it is….

If you don’t like swearing, FACK it works too!!


F – yell F**KKKKKKKKKK really loud or internally (if you can’t yell)….PAUSE, take a breathe, giggle within…..and FORGIVE yourself (you are only HUMAN)

UUNDERSTAND and ACCEPT (if you don’t like to swear)  that you are HUMAN and that it’s not what you do in the moment that matters, it’s what you do AFTER that matters most….so find a way forward differently and DO IT RIGHT NOW. If you need a friend to talk it out with, do it. Perspective is key here.

C– learn to have COMPASSION and CARE for yourself in the moment. If you are not speaking to yourself the way you do for others when they are struggling, now is the time to start….what would you say to a friend in this moment, are you doing the same of yourself???

KKARMA – We cannot “fake out” KARMA. We get what we give as HUMANS. If you are not showing up as your best self and not doing things wholeheartedly from a place of love and authenticity, the karma you get sucks until you CHOOSE to do it differently. Accept your KARMA and try again. Learn from your KARMA, that’s why it’s here. 

I IT take choice in the NOW – the present MOMENT


This concept, this approach to life, has allowed me so many moments of courage to do it differently and as a result, it’s completely shifted my KARMA and my life.

I offer you this same opportunity. The reality is, we are all feeling “off” right now,  so the only way forward isn’t to keep dwelling on what we aren’t doing, but to find small ways to do it differently.

What if, F**K IT is your way forward…the time is now to try it out…

If all else fails and you get nothing out of this blog post, know that inserting “FU**” between your first and last name can give you such an empowering feeling that it may be all you need to move forward.

We are all HUMAN….we all have such choice in this world and all I know is that I want my kids to do it differently than I did….which means I must reflect the ultimate in truth, acceptance, and forgiveness in my mirror…maybe it’s time you did too….

FU** It……you are so fucking worthly of trying it out….your time is NOW

I have a concept for kids too…it’s called CHUCK IT…i’ll write about it next time…

Bye for now my friends. Thank you for listening to my call out 🙂

Are you in pain? Read this..

Please note: I am no scientist and the knowledge I’ve acquired is self taught by Certifications and my own experience. I am sharing to empower you to believe and trust you are way more powerful than the world has made you to believe. My information is backed by Science and knowledge that has been around for years and now, more than ever, we are being asked to tune in and open our minds to our most powerful opportunity to move forward.

So here I go….

What if you knew that pain wasn’t just your body’s way of yelling, but a huge opportunity to unravel what you are attempting to numb?

What if you knew that pain was there to guide you – back within – to what your body is trying to tell you to “feel” again and by ignoring it, it will only get louder? 

What is incredible to me is that “feelings “aren’t really being felt right now and it’s why I know pain and chronic illness are on the rise, now more than ever. We are so NUMB to all that has happened, that we’ve chosen to ignore the more important aspect of being HUMAN – emotions and therefore in the next few years, I predict a huge amount of illness related to pain. 

I know how pain feels. I am blessed to wake up daily not knowing the pain I will feel. Some Days my entire right side does not function properly. Some Days I can complete a CrossFit workout almost Rx (at the athlete level) and some days – like now, I can only do body weight. As a result of ignoring my pain for so long, I am now blessed to have messages of pain daily to remind me that I still have work to do. The pain used to control me, it used to keep me hidden from the world and scared of everything. If you knew me ten years ago, you’d know me as the extrovert who thrived on having humans around to function (my numbing technique) and yet, now, I am more of a hermit because I choose to take the time I need to listen to what my beautiful body is trying to tell me and do it differently. 

What if pain is our way to tune in? What if pain really is an emotion we are choosing to block? What if illness is our opportunity to really pay attention to what our body has been trying to yell for so long that now it’s yelling in a way – we must tune in? What if you knew, according to science, that 98% of illnesses are energetically related? What if you knew that if you tune in to the pain you are being asked to feel, understood the emotion related to that pain – you could slowly start to unravel the pain and actually heal?

I’ve done this. Over and over and as a result, not only does the pain NOT define me anymore – there are many days I have NO pain. 

As I’ve learned to unravel the pain, I’ve studied this incredible opportunity we have as HUMANS right now. 

Lousie Hays has been my guide. She is the author of so many incredible books related to matching pain with emotions and guiding us with affirmations to unravel them.

I know this sounds crazy and yet, this tied with epigenetics (new science in the last 50 years) is proving that HUMANs are way more fucking powerful then we ever knew we were. 

Back to the 98%… is what we are learning from a scientific perspective. We used to think that the body only existed as a physical entity which meant we needed to rely on physical medicine to heal. WE get sick, we go to the doctor for medicine and it heals. It is why I was on eight pills a day – to heal. What we are seeing now – as we’ve chosen to reconnect with the energetic perspective of the body through quantum physics and now epigenetics, is that we are more energetically aligned than physically aligned which means there is HUGE potential in what we are learning around self healing.

Everything in this world is energy. Powerful swirls of mini tornados that come together and form physical spaces – bodies, things, etc. In our incredible bodies – energy is controlled by our hearts and our hearts read energy by way of emotions. Our hearts start beating long before anything else in our vessel and as we are now learning, they really are the key to unlocking it all. Our hearts are guided by emotions and the emotions we feel control the environments of our bodies. Every emotion creates hormones that flow through our body and what is released based on the emotion we feel is how our bodies choose to react. If you are in a constant overthinking, victim mentality – you are constantly creating an environment that is full of the same and the hormones that get released are a result of the emotions you feel – stress hormones,etc. If you are in a place of love, feeling joy and positivity and cultivating it daily – the environment that flows through your body matches your vibes and optimal health usually flows with it. Here is the caveat – you cannot fake your body. The body knows when the words and energy are misaligned and it will keep yelling until you choose to align them. It’s why words and thoughts are way more powerful than HUMAN choose to believe and it’s why I now yell Self love daily.

For a long time – i used positivity on the outside and felt negative thoughts within. This is why I ended up with Fibro. According to Louse Hays – Fibro is a dissonance of your soul – a disconnect from your inner and outer thoughts. The flow and the hormones in my body matched the words and feelings I felt underneath the fake and therefore – overtime, the pain built up and led to it. Now, as I’ve really understood and implemented the incredible wisdoms of Louise Hay’s (and science) as my guide – I’ve unravelled the pain, shifted my inner thoughts, rewired my brain through mindfulness and connected back to the positive force that I am – INSIDE and OUT. Overtime, this shift has  also shifted my body – out of survival and into something I never imagined possible again- thriving.

This hasn’t been easy and oftentimes it’s a moment my moment assessment of keeping myself aligned and yet, what’s is done is magical. It’s why I yell Self LOVE SO freaking loud.The more I’ve learned to truly and authentically love myself – through words, affirmations and trust –  the more I’ve healed within. The way I’ve done all my healing is not through doctors and medicine but through unravelling all the things I chose to ignore and not love about myself and fall in love all over again. I am no longer on eight pills a day….

I am now on one pill a day and that pill is for my thyroid. Some people call me superhuman as I’ve even cut my dose of thyroid in half this past year because of the healing work I’ve done energetically. I have no crutches (I used to need cannabis to thrive) and now – when I am blessed with a FIBRO flare up – I use it as an opportunity to tune in to what my body is trying to tell me and give it the time it needs and the rest and heal. These are the times I now go inward – hermit and use my love as my superpower to heal. You have this same POWER.

I know this sounds crazy and yet, if you met me now, you’d see the amazing work I’ve done and know that there is a lot of truth to the things I am saying. 

So here is my ask…..tune in….

Empower yourself…stop believing everything you’ve be told and open your mind….

  1. Go to the doctor and understand what the pain is trying to tell you through bloodwork, etc. You must know what you are facing to empower and heal.
  2. Get the diagnosis, take the pills...hear what they are saying however DO NOT take this as the only way forward.
  3. Find an energetic healer and open your mind to the awareness of what is possible beyond what you’ve been taught to think…
  4. Look up LOUISE HAY’s and her wisdoms-
  5. Look up EPIGENETIC‘S –

And more importantly than ever, believe that you are more fucking powerful than we’ve ever been taught to believe.

What’s crazy to me is that those of us who know all the work I am preaching are the ones who have had to experience a powerful wake up call to the fact that we aren’t invincible and yet, now I’m begging all of you to pause and tune into the powerful force that we are – HUMAN and ENERGY…..

We are all superhuman. We are all capable of so much more than you ever imagined…..all you gotta do is choose to do it differently and start right now…

Open your mind…

The time is now my friend….what are you waiting for???