Trust in the Process

This year, more than ever, we’ve been asked to TRUST. Trust the unknown and know that for whatever reason, we are being asked to just BELIEVE that everything will turn out ok.

I know you’ve heard this phrase before and yet, I am here to remind you how powerful it truly is.

What if, everything you’ve gone through had to happen for you to get RIGHT here. RIGHT NOW. What if, right now, you now have a new opportunity to see your path differently and it all comes down to one thing….

CHOICE in the NOW and PERSPECTIVE in how you see it all. My Mom was amazing at shifting perspective and her motto of life is what got us through the worst. Her words “choose your attitude” have been at the forefoot of every choice I’ve had to make and change I’ve had to endure.

I’ve moved more times than fingers can count. My bigs moves as a kids changed who I am as a human today. My first was Grade Nine. I will never forget that November when my Dad lost his job. It was 1995 and I can still tell you where I was standing the day I found out. I was 15 years old, I finally had discovered who I was (or so I thought), had my first boyfriend who I honestly thought I would spend the rest of my life with and poof – we were moving. We packed our bags and moved from Newfoundland to Halifax. This moment is etched in my body as the first of many moments that changed who I am.

The next move was Grade 12. The middle of grade f***ing 12. This time from Halifax to Toronto. My family did everything they could to allow me to stay, however half way through the year, I gave up and came home. This meant another year of school as Toronto had OAC. This also meant that everything that I had dreamed of doing and being as a grade 12 student had to be realigned. To this day – I still remember what it felt like to walk across the stage of a school not really knowing anyone.

I remember these moments as if they were yesterday and over the years as I’ve felt them time and time again, There are moments I look back and wonder and yet, the human I’ve become, including these moments, has made me one strong, resilience person.

Choosing your attitude.

In order to flow through change, we must find tools. These tools build the muscles we need to flow through change. Regardless of how much we resist change, the world is full of it, so if we have any choice in how we move forward – the greatest advice I could ever give is “choose your attitude”.

Every move, we made as a family – my mom made it FUN. She always guided us to see the good and more importantly, she did small things to ensure we never felt sad for long. Every 30 days for the first year after my move from Newfoundland, I flew back and in Grade 12 – I was blessed with two graduations rather than one.


As I moved as a MOM, I’ve done the same. We’ve move a lot as a family (two moves back to Halifax and a recent divorce move) and yet, my kids resilience muscle has grown so much, I know, they will be better off for it.

So today – I offer you choice.

What if today, you used that choice to see it differently?

Resilience, strength, courage, bravery. They all come from change and transition.

They all come from letting go of the sadness and choosing your attitude to see the good.

As parents, now, more than ever, we must chose to see the good. If kids really are the mirror reflection of who we are. then showing them how to flow in change – is our greatest opportunity forward.

So, if you must move, know one thing – it’s going to feel awful, it’s going to feel as though you will never get through it and yet, one the other side of it all is a powerful opportunity to grow shift and change.

I wouldn’t change the HUMAN I am today – I bet you wouldn’t either.

So today, wrap yourself in the amazing love you are and know that CHOOSING you ATTITUDE could be the answer you are seeking to shift it all.

Bye for now.


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